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Amazon Kindle Lite is a slimmer version of the official Amazon Kindle app. Finally, now you can read all your ebooks with less than 2MB of space taken up on your smartphone. Best of all, this app's design is centered on and optimized for running smoothly on slow and unstable network connections.

At first sight, Amazon Kindle Lite might seem practically identical to its original version, but it actually comes packed with a ton of new features. First of all, it allows you to start reading any book of your choice immediately without even requiring a fully downloaded file to start with (it continues downloading your ebook in the background while you’re already reading). From your settings panel, it’s easy to monitor how much data you’ve used up and how much space your ebooks take up on your smartphone.

Just like Amazon’s classic Kindle app, users can comfortably browse the online Amazon ebook store with thousands of free ebooks available. All your books are downloaded and stored tidily in your user account and on your smartphone memory. Plus you can purchase any book you want and make the most out of the sales that are constantly lowering Kindle’s ebook prices.

Amazon Kindle Lite is an excellent lightweight version of the original app—an absolute gem for any bookworm. Not only does this app make for a fine portable e-reader; it also grants you direct access to one of the world's largest digital libraries.
By Erika Okumura
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